Playing with Thinkertoys (review)

I’ve posted my review of Michael Michalko’s Thinkertoys, Second Edition, and I’m tentatively planning to review his “Thinkpak” later today or tomorrow. While these tools are aimed at businesspeople, they have a lot to offer nearly any type of creative. The thing that struck me as most useful was the combination of linear and intuitive exercises–most books present one or the other, depending on their audience.

I’ve also read a novel (gasp!)–my first in a couple of months–called “Recursion,” by Tony Ballantyne. It requires mulling over as it’s rather a complex book, but I do intend to review it as well.

I’m sure there was something else I was going to say, but it escapes me at the moment. Perhaps later I’ll edit and add it if I remember. Having a sore throat for a week really knocks me out. By the way, check out Errant Epiphanies if you haven’t lately–there’s a slew of new exercises there from the last week. Oh, and I must direct you to a lovely sentiment over at Dragon Writing Prompts while I’m at it.

Aha! I bought myself enough time to remember what else I was going to say (I think I need more sleep, glurgh). We’re getting closer and closer to having the new site completely ready for rollover. We’re still customizing the links directory and finishing up little things like that, but we’re almost done. Redirects from the old site to come soon!

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