Shores of Evendim Released

I started reading the patch notes for LotRO’s Shores of Evendim update and my head is swimming. I think I’ve been reading for about 20 minutes or so, only to get to the bottom of the page and discover that there are two more whole sections to the patch notes. A ton of these changes are great things that folks have been asking for–updates or bug fixes–and I can’t wait to see how they work out in practice.

Well there’s one thing I’m seriously impressed with: the quantity of changes and fixes, and the brief period of time we had to wait for them, is a vast improvement over what I’m used to seeing with Warcraft. This pace of change makes Warcraft’s look positively glacial. I hope they keep it up–particularly the trend of adding in whole new content areas complete with full quest complements. I’m off to read the other two-thirds of the patch notes now…

Edited to add: I absolutely love LotRO’s patch notes. They’re the most entertaining patch notes I’ve ever had to read:

Assikko, the Earth-kin tribal leader was being very crafty and selfish when he thanked you for recovering the book he requests in the Techniques of the Masters quest. He refused to return the book but ushered you on to Gondranc anyways. He has been reprimanded and will return the book as needed to advance the quest.

Oh, and of course I can’t leave out:

After an unprecedented 3 months in a prolonged abdominal crunch posture, Nathan Hodges of Amon Raith has finally assumed an upright, locked position. As a result of his amazing accomplishment he has been awarded a North Downs Abs of Steel commemorative plaque.

It seems that the further Patience got in posting the update, the punchier she got. I approve.

Edit #2: Patience is already collecting known issues with the new patch. Whooo! Thanks to Foton for the link, although I disagree with his contention that the patch notes contain no character development!

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