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There’ve been some changes over at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery that I wanted to bring you up to date on. Although we haven’t had a chance to introduce new designs over the last month due to being rather busy with web stuff, we have taken the time to update old designs with the newest rounds of merchandise available from CafePress. The most recent addition to their lineup consists of light and dark maternity shirts, and some of our oldest designs hadn’t yet had a few other shirts added either: women’s plus size and v-neck shirts in light and dark colors.

We’ve also put handful of old designs on clearance (marked by a nice handy “CLEARANCE” note at the beginning of a sub-section name), so if you’re looking for a good deal, take a peek through before the end of the month!

Finally, according to CafePress:

We’ve had lower than acceptable customer satisfaction on the Value T-Shirt. We look at many factors when determining overall customer satisfaction on products. This includes sales rates, return rates, buyer survey scores, perceived quality, and more. Unfortunately this product routinely misses the bar.

As a result, they’re making the value shirt unavailable through the general marketplace as of sometime next month; it will only be available through individual stores. We really don’t like the idea of offering sub-par merchandise either, even if it is cheaper, so we’ve already gone through and removed the value shirts from all designs (except those on clearance sale). It would be one thing if we knew those ordering the cheaper value shirts were well aware of what they were getting and that the quality would be substantially lower, but we don’t want someone ordering our shirts and being unhappy with the results. We hope you’ll understand this decision.

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