The Student Story Starter

Today’s prompt-on-the-web comes to you courtesy of The Student Story Starter. The Starter provides you–at the click of a button–with the following tidbits of information:

  • Protagonist’s Gender
  • Protagonist’s Job/Profession
  • Antagonist
  • Key Object or Symbol
  • Setting
  • Theme

It’s aimed at the modern world, and here’s one randomized selection to get you started today:

My protagonist is a female. My protagonist is a florist. The antagonist in my story is a day laborer. A key object or symbol in my story is a traffic light. My story will be set in a motor home. My story is about revelation.

My personal experience with this tool has been that it tends to provide one piece of information too many–usually I end up leaving out one thing, I think most often the setting, in the interests of not overloading the piece–but your mileage will, of course, vary. Regardless, I’d rather have it provide more than I need than not enough, since it’s easy to leave out a piece! I highly recommend visiting this little tool now and then and auto-generating a prompt or two.

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