The, umm, ultimate? kitchen gadget

I’ve used a lot of kitchen gadgets in my time–some amazing, some great conversation pieces, some entirely too single-use to justify the space they took up, and some terrible. But never have I seen one this hysterical. It’s a stoneware egg separator. I happen to think egg separators are pretty silly in the first place; as long as you crack your egg on a flat surface instead of the edge of something (the latter is more likely to drive a shard of shell into the yolk) separating an egg is not all that difficult. Even I’d be tempted, however, by an egg separator that drained off the egg white in the way this one does:

Heck, I’d start looking for excuses to separate eggs. Time to make a lemon meringue pie, or a baked alaska. Maybe a yolk-thickened pudding or custard. How about bread brushed with an egg white-wash?

In unrelated news, my escort quest failed. The exterminator never was able to make it to the house. The road work appears to be done now, at least–for certain values of done–so we should be able to reschedule soon. Don’t get me wrong–I’m grateful to have those roller-coaster-ride bumps smoothed out–but did they have to do such a total patch job? It would be nice if it held up for any length of time, and I suspect this won’t.

In the meantime, we finally took the cats to the vet yesterday when Cahlash went from eating almost nothing to eating nothing. It’s probably viral since both of them aren’t feeling well, but since Cahlash has some health issues he’s getting some tests anyways, not to mention a bit of medication for his gut. I know we’re unable to pill him, so we went for the liquid. I also knew he wasn’t eating full meals yet, so I opted to squirt it into his mouth. First time I surprised the heck out of him and it went down just fine. Second time it took me several tries to catch him, I got a bit scratched up, and then he drooled the medicine all over the floor. I finally convinced him to come eat some freeze-dried fish flake treats to take the taste out of his mouth. But if he hates the taste that much, I’m thinking he won’t eat it in food. This could be, um… tricky.

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2 comments on “The, umm, ultimate? kitchen gadget
  1. Tara says:

    This is hilarious! What a great gift this would be, though like you, I don’t find it so difficult to separate eggs. What fun to review cookbooks and kitchenware – my dream job, I think!

  2. heather says:

    It is, in fact, exactly where I want to be. It might not pay much, but it’s definitely a lot of fun! You know, I posted this ages ago and I STILL find it hysterical!

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