“The Writers Corner”

The Writers Corner is a new community with the following goals:

A haven for writers, it is our intention to provide writing prompts, contests and other such means of enticing the imagination into overdrive. Supportive hands will guide you through your journey into the world of publication, or so we hope.

It includes a ton of wonderful of prompts for you to enjoy and explore. Today, try this one:

In 400 words or less answer this. If time stopped but you did not, what would you do first and why?

Also consider this: just as folks like to say that pleasure without pain has no meaning, so freedom has little meaning without limits. Free-writing is often best done with a definitive, planned end-point, whether that’s planned in word-count (“400 words or less”), space (one side of a sheet of paper), or time (20 minutes). Otherwise you can end up pushing past the point where you’re still coming up with real material, and you go back to spinning your wheels.

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2 comments on ““The Writers Corner”
  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for the spot on your blog! We appreciate it! Feel free to participate with us if you’d like!

  2. heather says:

    It’s my pleasure! Good luck with the community!

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