Animal Attraction

It’s been a while since I posted any world-building questions, so it’s time for a handful. This time we’re going to look at your fictional world through the eyes of the animal kingdom.

What is the rarest animal of your world? Why is it so rare? Do people realize how rare it is? If so, do they try to preserve it, or hunt it for some purpose?

Which animal would you consider the “king” or “queen” of your world’s animal population, or of some particular subset of it? Why? How does it interact with the other animals around it?

Which animals in your world seem insignificant, yet have a disproportionate effect on the ecosystem, agriculture, the larger animal population, or other issue?

Which animals multiply in such abundance that they’re considered pests? How do people deal with them? What effects do they have on the environment, the ecosystem, agriculture, etc.?

What is the largest animal in your world? The smallest?

Which animal of your world lives in the most complex social structure? How do people perceive this social structure?

What is the most intelligent animal of your world? How does it compare to the main intelligent creature(s) of your world?


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