Cats, Allergies, and Books—Oh My!

It seems it isn’t one foot Selene is having troubles with—it’s all four. I’m now wondering if she’s allergic to her pine litter (it’s the one thing I can think of that would routinely contact all of her feet and nothing else), so we’re going to try a new litter; the vet recommended the “Yesterday’s News” variety. The vet gave us some stuff to put on her paws, too, which should help the reaction.

I have a once-again-growing stack of books to read and review, which is good since I’ve been mowing through the things of late. I’m currently reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Coffee & Tea, and I have two yummy-looking books from Countryman Press as well: The Vermont Cheese Book and A World of Dumplings. (The latter is a cookbook.) Naturally I have plenty of other books to review, given time. I’ve added a bunch of James Rollins’s books to my Amazon wishlist, since I quite enjoyed his Black Order, and several people have graciously given me recommendations of further similar books to read.

I’m also still spending a couple of hours a day searching out links to the site and asking to have them updated; even with Google’s excellent web developer tool that gives me a straight-out listing of pages with links, it’s taking forever. I had no idea there were that many sites with links to us.

At any rate, time to go post on the Errant Epiphanies before I get back to link updating and review book-reading. Have a great weekend!

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