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I admit it, the site design over at WritingFix makes me dizzy thanks to its overly-busy look and wild array of colors. However, it has a ton of prompt categories that you should take a look at:

Daily Writing Prompts provides a very nice random prompt generator that chooses one from over 500 possibilities, such as:

“What can we learn from contrast? Write a description of something very dark (like a crow) in a very light place (like a field of snow). Make the dark thing seem innocent and the light thing seem ominous.”

Right-brained prompts includes a wide variety of visual sparks, poetry prompts, sentence creators, alliterative sparks, story starters, and more. This example comes from one of the Serendipitous Word Games options:

  • Setting: the top floor of a building
  • Character: an artist
  • Conflict: the ground is covered with something awful

Poetic prompts are prompts just for poets, such as the random poetic phrases generator.

Left-brained prompts make use of the logical side of the brain to get your fingers moving. For instance, you might try the Start and Stop Game, in which “your writing’s first and last sentence must contain the same word, phrase, or clause.” I love the first one I generated:

“if I knew any better”

If that isn’t enough, the site also contains:

Use one of the above prompts or go to there and generate your own. Either way, make sure you visit their site. Hopefully someday they’ll pick some colors that are easier on the eyes.

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