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Sometimes I post images here, something to inspire your thoughts with visual stimulation. For the most part I like to link to photographs of people, because they can become the most interesting characters when you stop to imagine who they might be. They contain all the little details of everyday life like wrinkles, laugh lines, moles, birthmarks, smeared makeup, etc. that many artists might leave out. Normally I prefer to link to photos because I think they stretch our imaginations and bring a character to life in ways that other pieces of artwork might not. Sometimes, however, something different is in order. Today, use the following beautiful portrait piece to inspire a character word-portrait:

Sephiroth: Into the Lifestream by =ramy on deviantART

Imagine who this person might be and what they’re up to. If you don’t want to write in a genre that directly suits the imagery, then imagine that this piece of artwork is a real person’s idealized self-image, and speculate on the sort of person who would imagine themselves this way!

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