Be a Villain Today!

I’ve been playing “City of Heroes” and “City of Villains” lately, so my brain is steeped in the superhero genre at the moment. Therefore, for today’s exercise: If you could be a super-villain or super-hero, which would you choose? Answer the following questions depending on your choice—or create one villain and one hero and answer them for each.

  • What would your hero or villain name be?
  • What’s the mysterious origin of your powers? Do you use gadgets like Batman? Are you an alien like Superman? Are you a mutant, or the result of a strange accident like Spiderman? Have you been altered by technology like the Bionic Woman?
  • What would your costume look like? Go into as much detail as you like. If you’re an artist, draw/sketch/paint/whatever it for bonus points.
  • What would your goal or motivation be? What drives you to go out into the world and right wrongs?
  • How do the authorities and populace view you? Are you a savior, a dangerous vigilante, a mysterious and largely misunderstood figure?

Enjoy your heroism or villainy!


Death is a good reminder
of the need for situational awareness

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