Carmina, Rib-Runner

Those of you familiar with LotRO might be familiar with the pie-runner deed. It’s a low-level set of Hobbit quests in the Shire, in which you run spoiled pies back to the Hobbit who baked them (on a deadline naturally), avoiding Hungry Hobbits along the way. Once you’ve completed all of the quests, and thus the deed, you get a new title you can add after your name: “Pie-Runner”.

Today we were out and about and we happened to see a catering truck from a ribs restaurant. On the back bumper it had a notation painted: “Rib-Runner”.

The jokes started flying:

“Hey, he got his Rib-Runner title.”

“He must have completed his Rib-Running Deed.”

“I wonder how many deliveries that takes, and how hard it is to avoid Hungry Humans?”

I hope they get a delivery person who plays LotRO.

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2 comments on “Carmina, Rib-Runner
  1. Melmoth says:

    And what if the sticker isn’t just similar to a title but the same? I’m just wondering what to do if I see a van with Lord of Fangs or Man-flayer on the rear bumper.

    Exterminator of Weavers, that one would probably be for a sewing machine company.

  2. heather says:

    Uh-oh. Umm, yeah, you have a point.

    Eeeek… *starts reading bumper stickers much more carefully*

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