I know it’s a little odd for me to link to the same blog in two successive posts, but Chip’s Quips once again has some great quotes that make me want to pass them on. This time they’re quotes from Euripides in which Sterling has found some relevance to today. For example,

O gods, spare me the sight
of this thankless breed, these politicians
who cringe for favors from a screaming mob
and do not care what harm they do their friends,
providing they can please a crowd!

  —Hecuba, 255-259, William Arrowsmith translation

Today, do any of the following:

  • Write about one of the quotes in the linked blog article and its relevance (or not, as you see it) to today’s world and events.
  • Write a scene or story inspired by one of the quotes in the linked post.
  • Pick out one to three other quotes from at least 500 years ago that you also believe have great relevance to today’s events.
  • Carry out one of the first two options but use a quote from the third.
  • Write about the eternal nature of mankind—our politics, governmental struggles, wars, and so on, whether in essay format or fictional format.


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