Link directory & mailing list update

I removed the ability for guests to submit new category suggestions to the links directory. This is easier (on both us and you) than setting up captcha verification of all submissions, and it’s gotten rid of about 95% of the directory spam. If it gets worse again I might get rid of the ability for guests to submit anything, but only if necessary.

I realize I never sent out anything over the announcement list about the site changeover, nor the Twilight Time list. Unfortunately so far we’ve been unable to work out why our mails are bouncing from both lists. Hopefully we’ll be able to work it out and at least get one message out on each, but ultimately we’re considering shutting down both lists anyway and focusing more on the blogs, shirts, and site.

Not much else today… I’m reading Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More than Night and hope to review it tomorrow, followed by Robert Masello’s Bestiary (both are library books due back on Tuesday, so I figure I’d better get a move on!).

“Old Books” by Ken Palk

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