Race in Romance

A couple of guest “speakers” over at Dionne Galace took on a particularly thorny topic, and did it with grace and a willingness to grab the bull by the horns: race in romance. It’s an interesting topic; the romance genre is one that has often seemed to lag a bit behind other types of literature in catching up to trends like, say, strong women, so it makes sense that it would have trouble catching up with the idea of having non-white romantic leads as well. Monica Jackson and Roslyn Hardy-Holcomb discuss the trends and reasons, and they’re very blunt and unafraid to speak their minds. It’s a fascinating read.


In unrelated news, today’s review is of Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More Than Night. One more library book so I can get them turned in on time Tuesday and it’ll be back to review books with me—which is good, because another pile of them arrived! Updated list to come soon.

Have a wonderful long weekend for those of you who get one!

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