Review of “The EatingWell Diet”

I’ve posted my review of Dr. Jean Harvey-Berino’s The EatingWell Diet. It’s a good, solid book, and my only real problem with it was that much of the food in the cookbook section was too bland for my tastes. I have to admit, though, that when you have the attention span of a flea on crack (as I do), the concept of trying to consistently note your food and calorie intake is daunting, to say the least. Still, if I can even do it for a day or two here or there, I get a much better sense for how many calories I’m taking in and how much I need to cut out of my diet.

Perhaps more importantly, I learned that I really can’t expect much. If I look at the amount I’d need to cut from my diet in order to lose a whole two pounds a week, it dips below the minimum 1200 calorie diet recommended for good nutrition. Which means that, realistically, I can’t eat well and lose more than a pound a week unless I start getting some very serious exercise. It’s good to know this, because it means I’m less likely to get frustrated and feel like giving up if I go a month and only lose, say, three pounds.

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