The Complete Doctor Who in Five Minutes

I didn’t really start watching Dr. Who in earnest until I was in my teens, and then I was totally addicted to its campy sci-fi wonderfulness. The funny thing is, I later saw an episode that I recognized as one I’d briefly caught part of when I was rather younger, and hurriedly switched away from because it scared the hell out of me—at the time I had no idea what the show was or what it was about. I just knew there were giant spiders biting a girl, and something about a humanoid alien about to get his brain vivisected, and when you’re young those are scary things! It left enough of an impression that I still found the same episode a bit creepy the second time around, even though by then I was quite familiar with the show.

Today, though, I have to share a great little video called “The Complete Dr. Who in Five Minutes:”

Found on the eminently handy SF Signal blog.


In an unrelated note, my review of James Rollins’s Sandstorm is up at the reviews blog. I have two cookbook and three novel reviews coming up soon!

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4 comments on “The Complete Doctor Who in Five Minutes
  1. SciFiChick says:

    I couldn’t get into Dr Who. The humor and cornyness just isn’t for me. :/

  2. heather says:

    It really is one of those thing you love or you hate, I think. Although I’ve known people who couldn’t get into some of the doctors and their companions but loved others—the tone definitely changes from doctor to doctor, sometimes in striking ways.

  3. jenclair says:

    My fondness for Dr. Who is a result of watching it with my children when they were little. Good memories!

  4. heather says:

    I can definitely understand that. Childhood memories, whether your own or your kids’, can be powerful things. 🙂

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