The Incinerated Labyrinth

Here I am, back yet again with another “spam game,” in which I present you with an intriguing randomly-generated spam subject line and turn it into a writers’ exercise. This time the subject line in question was “incinerated labyrinth.” Write that phrase at the top of a piece of paper and free-associate/free-write beneath it, letting your imagination take you anywhere at all from that starting place. You could diverge outward, generalizing to terms like “fire” and “maze” or “flames” and “lost” and seeing where that takes you. Or you could literally start with the concept of an incinerated labyrinth and try to figure out what on earth you could do with that!

I love odd word-jumbles like this because they could lead anywhere, from a poignant story about firefighter’s last fire to an epic fantasy involving a great and fiery labyrinthine realm.

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