The Special Projects Generator

Here’s a truly nifty prompt generator for you: the Special Projects Generator. You can press the shuffle button, or you can use the arrow keys to go up or down in a given category. This yields a three-word phrase describing a unique ‘project,’ such as:

  • changeable rubber garden
  • do-it-yourself glitter furniture
  • ingenious collapsible magazine
  • dramatic morphing orchestra

Use one of the above or go to the site and generate your own favorite. Then do one of the following with it:

  • Write up a proposal (deadpan or over-the-top silly) for this project.
  • Write a story in which this object, device, or whatever appears or has a role.
  • Imagine the kind of world in which such a device would be commonplace, and explore it.
  • Imagine that you’re a venture capitalist and someone has just given you a presentation on this project. Justify why you would or wouldn’t fund it, either seriously or or not.
  • Explain what the project is and how we absolutely, positively need it in our world. Make as compelling an argument for it as you possibly can, no matter how silly the item is (in fact, the sillier the better).

I found this link at the PHS Computer Project Lab‘s Monday Links for Educators.


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