4-point meme

Bildo tagged me, so, here ya go. This will take some thinking, because my memory is like swiss cheese… without the cheese.

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including current job):

  • Waitress (summer job in high school)
  • Book shelver at an MIT library (student job)
  • Lab assistant at a materials science lab (student job)
  • Secretary at an MIT department (first the theoretical physics dept., then the clinical decision making group at the lab for computer science)

Four Movies I have watched over and over:

This is a tough one, because I don’t tend to watch movies over and over (not so much free time, and I like newness/variety). How about four movies I’d watch over and over if given the opportunity?

  • “The 300”—I know it isn’t popular to say that any more since people have over-quoted it, but I still adore the fight scenes.
  • “Pitch Black”—another unpopular answer I’m sure, but I love the creepy atmosphere in the movie.
  • “Grosse Pointe Blanke”—okay, this is one I actually have watched over and over.
  • “Serenity”—so what if it wasn’t perfect? I’d watch it over and over just to see River kick ass!

Four places I have lived:

Delaware; Vermont; Massachusetts; New Hampshire.

Four Shows I love to watch:

I have difficulty getting myself to sit down in front of the TV and actually watch anything, so I catch up on these things when I can.

Stargate SG-1; Battlestar Galactica (the new, natch); Heroes; CSI; Eureka.

Okay, that was more than four. Sue me.

Four Places I have been on vacation:

Canada; Holland (for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary); Atlanta, Georgia (visiting then-future in-laws); Ithaca, New York (visiting relatives).

Four of my favorite foods:

Mint chocolate chip ice cream; extra-sharp cheddar cheese; bittersweet chocolate; fresh homemade bread.

Four favorite drinks:

Ice water; lemonade; hot chocolate; coffee.

Four places I would rather be right now:

Asleep (I hate insomnia); someplace cool and non-humid… eh, that’s about it.

Four People I Command to do This:

I’m too tired to think of someone. Instead, if you’d like to do this meme, go ahead and consider yourself auto-tagged.

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8 comments on “4-point meme
  1. Aaron says:

    I own 3 of those movies and have been planning on picking up the fourth soon. =)

    And yes, mint chocolate chip ice cream is like a symphony for the taste buds. I could eat a gallon at once if my stomach would look the other way.

  2. heather says:

    Aaron: I never claimed to have great artistic taste in movies, but I don’t care because I have so much fun with the movies I like! Which one don’t you have yet?

    Mint choc chip is my all-time fave ice cream, and I have been known to eat way too much of it. I far and above prefer Breyers to anything else because it has such a clean, crisp, natural taste to it. I’m planning on playing around with agave nectar-sweetened ice cream, though; the doc has told me my triglycerides are way too high and I need to stop with all the sugar, and agave nectar is a sweetener with a very low glycemic index. It’s worth a try, anyway!

  3. Aaron says:

    I don’t have 300 yet. I plan on buying all the SG: Atlantis episodes, too, eventually. I seem to remember start with Atlantis, then watching a couple SG-1 episodes and thinking they’re not quite as good. Like the firefly series, it’s the humor that makes it so great.

    I live in Texas, so BlueBell is a no-brainer. I’ve got a ferocious sweet tooth. Maybe it will get me trouble one day, but I don’t worry about health issues. Life’s more fun that way. =)

  4. Book shelver – some days I wouldn’t mind doing just that. Like today. Haha

    I liked Grosse Point Blank too. It’s definitely a movie that can be rewatched again and again. I also liked Serenity.

    Heroes is my favorite TV show. I really like the new version of Battlestar Gallatica too, but I haven’t seen much of it beyond the first season, I’m afraid. Someday I’ll catch it on DVD though. It’s a really good show.

    Can we say “YUM!” – “extra-sharp cheddar cheese; bittersweet chocolate; fresh homemade bread”

    Great response!

  5. heather says:

    Aaron: I prefer SG-1, but I think it was at its peak for the middle/middle-late seasons rather than the earliest or latest. It had some truly hysterical eps, and did a great job mixing tragedy, comedy, drama, and all sorts of tones. Besides, as much as I enjoy Atlantis, I don’t think it could ever supplant the groundhog day episode of SG-1 for me!

    I have tended not to worry about health issues for the same reason, but I think I don’t have that choice now. There’s history of heart trouble and late-onset diabetes in my family, and my triglyceride levels have recently gone up rather high, so it’s get healthy now or risk getting diabetes. Then my diet and activities would be far more restricted with far less gain. I’d rather do it now!

    Literary Feline: I would certainly not mind working as a book shelver, say, two days a week or something. I think that would be awesome.

    Grosse Pointe Blanke really has it all—fantastic writing and acting; great humor and romance; amazing fight scene(s); and so many layers of thought and meaning that you really can find something new in it each time.

    I really love strong flavors, like the extra-sharp cheddar (in fact, lunch just consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches made with cabot’s “seriously sharp” cheddar) and bittersweet chocolate. *happy sigh* I just don’t like bland.

  6. Bildo says:

    Holy crow! I missed this. 🙂

    Heather, have to agree on GPB. Great soundtrack to go along with it all too. Talking Heads, The Clash, Faith No More… great stuff, and easily Cusack at his best… hell, Akroyd too.

  7. heather says:

    Bildo: It’s only fair, Bildo, as I’ve been scattered the last week and a half and thus haven’t kept up with your posts either. =/ It’s so nice to find more people who’ve seen and appreciate GPB! Jeffrey and I just love it. And yeah, the soundtrack is incredible! I need to dig that out of wherever I’ve got it stashed; “mirror in the bathroom” is easily one of my favorite songs ever, particularly after watching it used for that one fight scene.

  8. Bildo says:

    Speaking of movies people seldom seem to appreciate, am I the only fan of The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic around here? 🙂

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