An Eerie Quiet

Earlier this morning, power went out all over the globe. Anything electronic? Dead in the water. No computers, no alarm clocks, no factory machines. No refrigerators or furnaces, air conditioning or security systems. Electronic door locks are dead. Electric fences lie quiescent. There’s no television or radio to tell you what’s wrong, and even if there was, no one knows enough to say.

What happens next? Where does society go from here? Were electronics knocked out a single time such that infrastructure might be rebuilt, or is something keeping them from working again? How do people cope? Where do you find food and clean water, heat or cooling as needed?

What alternative forms of power or manufacturing might people come up with? How far does civilization devolve, and what new forms spring up in place of the old?

This is a type of scenario that’s been explored in literature and movies before, but now it’s your turn to imagine how things might go.


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