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Occasionally I relay calls for submissions or contest announcements from folks who’d like to receive your entries. As always, I can’t guarantee the legitimacy of any requests for material appearing here, so do your research first. Today, your exercise is this: regardless of whether you plan to send in a submission, write a piece that would be appropriate to the call. Then, consider submitting it. If you do submit it, come back and let us know so we can cheer you on!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday Celebration

Send submissions to: Helen Kay Polaski (Szymanski) at hkpolaski [at]

Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday Celebration will be filled with stories that touch the mind as well as the soul as they take the reader on a magical journey through Christmas—past and present—while giving the reader ideas for traditions they might be interested in adapting in the future. Each story will include a well-known holiday tradition or a unique tradition known only to a particular family or community, as well as a touching story that circulates around each individual tradition. (I love traditions and can’t wait to see how your family celebrates Christmas!)

Stories must be first person, true accountings of either shared or unique traditions celebrated by families, communities, and/or groups during the Christmas holiday season, and all must be based on strong individual family/community dynamics, specific geographical location, and/or different cultures and religion. Approximately 70-80 stories (700-1,200 words) will be gathered. (When writing your story please keep in mind that Christmas is the most magical time of the year. I want to see the magic unfolding on the page before me as I read, and so do my readers.)

Only stories that have a beginning, middle, and an end will be considered. I’m looking for great inspirational stories that “include” a holiday tradition. Please do not send an essay that lists all of the things your family enjoys during the holidays. Instead, choose one tradition your family follows and write a story about it that is as moving as it is real. Only true stories that have not been previously published will be accepted.

Payment: upon publication, $75 and a copy of the book (for each accepted story)
Deadline extended: December 20, 2007

Please include your full name, current address, email address, phone number, and a 50-word bio.

Editor – Helen Kay Polaski (Szymanski)

Helen Kay Polaski
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Christmas Traditions
Editor: A Cup of Comfort for Weddings, Rocking Chair Reader book series, Classic Christmas, Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes

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