If you could be any____

One popular form of question you’ll find in memes, online quizzes, and some exercises is: “If you could be any [fill-in-the-blank], what would it be?” Possible types with which to fill in that blank range from serious to incredibly silly, and might include:

  • color
  • ice cream
  • historical figure
  • world leader
  • cocktail
  • flower
  • movie

Today, turn this into a two-part exercise. Both ask and answer this question: fill in the bank with your own word or type that you think might lead to something interesting, and then answer it. You can use this as a journaling exercise or answer it on behalf of one or more of your fictional characters.

For all that this has become a quick question tossed out in memes and quizzes, the results can sometimes be interesting, particularly if you delve into “And why?” instead of answering with a phrase, name, or word.


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