Readathon, Fifth Update

Hour Nine of Dewey’s readathon:

Pages read: 19
Total pages read so far: 381
Time spent reading: 15 minutes
Total time so far: 5 hours 25 minutes
Book read: Trappe, Evans, and Trappe: Field Guide to North American Truffles
Total number of books so far: 2+
Total number of reviews so far: 2

New book review up, of Bill James’ Girls.

I suppose once again I can partially count my meal as being toward something book-related, since we made a recipe out of that same review cookbook, The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. This time it was a white bean and tuna “spread” (except we used it as sandwich filling); it was quite good. In entertaining news, one or more kitchen herbs are apparently, shall we say, exciting, to one of our cats (the same one we can’t give catnip to because it over-excites him). I suspect the thyme. He’s very cute, though; he sniffed my husband’s fingers after my husband snipped herbs, and then went batty attacking my chair at the dinner table.

Bread is sliced and bagged for taking to our friends’ tomorrow, and we’re savoring an after-dinner cup of Moroccan mint green tea with our respective all-day projects. Since I’m having so much fun with the actual reading and I won’t be home tomorrow, I’ll probably do some poking around on everyone’s blogs Monday to see what all the other readers were up to.

In the meantime, just for something completely different from my last two books, I’m starting in on the Field Guide to North American Truffles!

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3 comments on “Readathon, Fifth Update
  1. ScottM says:

    Looks like you’re doing great on the read-a-thon. I’l skim back through your previous posts, but I do like the idea of counting dinner from a reviewed cookbook as reading. Though I think that you should figure out a way to share the dinner with commenters; it sounds like a tasty sandwich.

  2. dew says:

    Catnip is in the mint family, so maybe it’s actually the tea that excites your cat, unless your husband snipped mint into the recipe. Or maybe your cat just does love thyme!

  3. heather says:

    ScottM: If I had a digital camera, I’d post pics. Maybe next year!

    dew: The tea came later, so it was definitely the culinary herbs. Cahlash also goes crazy over carrot greens, for some reason. He’s an odd one, but then, he has lost many brain cells through bonking his head on various things over the years…

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