Readathon, Sixth Update (and Last)

Hour Ten of Dewey’s readathon:

Pages read: 65
Total pages read so far: 426
Time spent reading: 40 minutes
Total time reading so far: 6 hours 5 minutes
Book read: Trappe, Evans, and Trappe: Field Guide to North American Truffles
Total number of books so far: 2.5+
Number of reviews posted: 2

Hour ten mini-challenge: I’m actually going to write this “letter to the author” using the book I just barely finished, since that one is still stuck in my head. Dewey’s instructions are:

stop reading and write a letter to the author of the book youโ€™re currently reading, and post it in your blog

Simple enough, right? Well, sure, except that I’ve always been terrible with letters. Maybe that’s why I decided to take this one on, because I’m a masochist at heart. Anyway, here goes:

Dear Mr. James,

While it seems that you have quite a few mysteries already published in the Harpur & Iles series (so many it makes my head spin, in fact), Girls is the first I’ve read. I hate sounding like a fangirl, so I’ll just say that… oh, scrap it all. This is a fantastic book. The dialogue is twisty and mind-bending in wonderful ways. I never suspected I could enjoy a chapter-long internal monologue during a scene in which almost nothing happens, but I did. Laughed out loud, even. Several times. For what seems such a simple and, in places, light-hearted book, it has such a great deal to it. (“Richly-layered” is the phrase I used.)

Rest assured I’ll be seeking out more of your work, particularly in the Harpur & Iles series. Now, to go recover from sounding like such a batty fangirl….


As for the field guide I’m reading, let’s just say for now that I find it entertaining to read a book where everything gets a ‘desirability rating’ from inedible to insipid, palatable to tasty, unknown to delicious. I also find it pretty cool that you can tell that the various folks who photographed the truffles they found had to use whatever was on hand to give you an idea of size: rulers, coins, their hands, and even pocket knives.

Anyway, I think I’ll do one last update when I finish this book (probably sometime in the next hour), and then I’ll call it quits so I can get a good night’s sleep before tomorrow. This has been great fun, though, and I hope Dewey does it again next year!


Okay, since it actually took me very little time to finish the book (25 minutes?) I’ll put my final update here.

Pages read: 50
Total pages read so far: 475 (approx)
Time spent reading: 25 minutes
Total time reading so far: 6 hours 30 minutes (approx)
Latest book read: Trappe, Evans, and Trappe: Field Guide to North American Truffles
Total books read today: 3
Number of reviews posted: 2

The truffle field guide is very cool, and I plan to review it Monday.

I want to thank Dewey for organizing this readathon. I had a ton of fun, made a good dent in my TBR pile, and look forward to perusing everyone else’s log of the events come Monday when I get some good computer time again. I particularly want to give a cheer to everyone still reading! Go! You can make it! Whooooooo!

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14 comments on “Readathon, Sixth Update (and Last)
  1. That’s a great letter, Heather! It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since you started! You are doing very well.

  2. heather says:

    Thanks, feline! I was going to go longer, but I’m feeling rather tired and am conveniently at the end of a book, so I think I’ll go post a cheer for the folks still going over at Dewey’s blog and call it a night.

  3. Chris says:

    Great progress. I don’t know anything about truffles. Maybe I should read that.

    Cheerleader Chris

  4. dew says:

    Glad you had a good time!

  5. heather says:

    Chris: It’s a cool little book. I have one contact at Ten Speed who seems to have a predilection for sending me all the odd little niche books on topics I know nothing about—I think he’s figured out I like a challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. heather says:

    dew: definitely! I tired out faster than I thought I would, but it was a ton of fun cruising through the books. thanks again!

  7. bybee says:

    This is the coolest and strangest reading I’ve seen while visiting other blogs. Way to go! Truffles, whoo!

  8. Eva says:

    Congrats on completing those books! And sleep tight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. booklogged says:

    Heather, that mystery sounds wonderful. I’m this hour’s cheerleader so I’m stopping by to encourage you in your reading or that field guide on truffles. Are you reading anything else along side it, or is it holding your interest well enough on its own.

    Stop by my blog and enter my mini-challenge at A Reader’s Journal.

  10. BookGal says:

    Have a wonderful evening and congrats on spending so much time reading today.

  11. heather says:

    bybee: *grin* Thank you! I do end up reading the strangest books sometimes.

    Eva: Thanks! I hope you’ve been having fun. I’m only on for a few minutes right now, so tomorrow I’ll take a peek at how your reading went!

    booklogged: I read the truffles guide on its own; it was actually pretty interesting. I had no idea there was so much variation in truffles, having only heard of black and white truffles before.

    BookGal: Thanks! I just can’t keep the long hours I could in college, and needed a good night’s sleep tonight, or I would have loved to do more.

  12. 3m says:

    Glad you were able to participate! I had a lot of fun, too.

  13. Chris says:

    Wahoo back! Congrats!

  14. heather says:

    3m: I’ll have to drop by your blog today or tomorrow and check out your experiences with it!

    Chris: Thank you so much!

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