‘That’s Comcastic!’

I wonder if Comcast realizes that their catchphrase has become a sarcastic statement used to refer to an event that’s surprising (or should be, but isn’t) in an annoyingly bad way?

It’s the start of the TV season, and there was an unusual number of shows that looked potentially interesting. I set up the DVR to record by series since Comcast has finally given us that ability, and set it up for six shows. A very high number for us; usually we’re recording two to three at most.

So how many did it actually record?

Two. Yes, that’s 2. T-W-O two.

A 33% success rate is pretty foul. Particularly since some of those are recordings I’ve had set up previously, which simply stopped working randomly.


Random observations:

Insta-food sucks. I end up living off of the stuff when my husband is out of town on business, as he was last week, and it really really sucks. At least the stuff from Trader Joe’s isn’t half bad, but last week I ended up eating stuff from the regular grocery store, and it was so horrid and fat-filled that the very idea of it made me feel nauseous by the end of the week. Yes, that was despite trying to pick my insta-food fairly carefully. I know, I should cook real food, but being alone does very bad things to my motivation level.

Why Moths Hate Thomas Edison is an awesome book. Read it. It also makes a great basis for a writer’s exercise or two.

I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or just tragic when your cat barfs all over your bay window. I guess the cleanup is tragic and the memory is hilarious!

I swear I’ll write something more coherent soon.


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