The Animal Meme

This time I couldn’t resist snagging an animal meme from bookeywookey. I don’t normally do this much memeing, but I’m too tired to think of anything more interesting this week.

An interesting animal I had:

My first pet was a gerbil, and I had two cats growing up. Hands-down, though, the most interesting animals have been our two current cats, both Cornish Rexes. We got them because neither of us reacts nearly as strongly to them as to normal cats. We read up on them first, though, so we knew they were a bit… different… than other cats. They’re very chatty, for one, and extremely high-energy. (Someone remind me not to get Rexes when I’m old, okay? I’d never be able to keep up.) They both have allergies, unfortunately, and one of them has asthma. They’re just the most affectionate cats I’ve ever met, though, and incredibly clever, if not always so bright.

One of my favorite cleverness stories regarding our cats: They were still kittens, and we’d just gotten them fixed. Of course this was a lot harder on Selene than Cahlash since it’s a much more invasive surgery for girls. We were keeping the two of them confined to our room until they healed up a little so they didn’t rip their stitches or anything. Selene was curled up on my husband’s lap and clearly just wanted to rest, but Cahlash apparently had a lot of pent-up energy from being cooped up at the vet’s. Well, he kept trying to pounce on her, and we kept pulling him off of her. Being the clever girl that she is (she’s more clever than her brother), she took a half-hearted swipe at his butt and watched carefully as we pulled him off of her again when he tried to retaliate. Then she hauled off and—WHACK!—swatted his ass hard! That’s when we realized we were going to have to separate them for the duration.

And yes, this is typical of their antics!

An interesting animal I ate:

I’ve had bison, ostrich, escargot, squid, octopus… I’ve had many of the weird things that you can at least get in relatively normal US markets or restaurants. When I visited New Orleans years ago with my then-fiancee (now husband), we went to a wonderful restaurant where we had, among other things, rabbit and, if I recall correctly, alligator. The manager at some point passed our table and commented with a grin, “we’re having all the fuzzy little animals tonight, aren’t we?” We loved that place.

An interesting animal you’ve seen in the Museum, library, or its natural habitat:

I love cheetahs, and got to watch some at the Smithsonian zoo not too long ago.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal:

Now there’s an odd question! I suppose the closest thing I can think of is the way our cats deliberately teach us little games. Like, sometimes Cahlash races my husband to the bathroom in the morning—over and over, getting carried back out again each time, until either Jeffrey wins or Cahlash’s attention wanders. Selene, on the other hand, has taught me her own morning ritual. She sits on my right knee while I eat breakfast, and then almost always wants to be held on my left shoulder and cuddled. When I pick her up from my knee she’ll start turning her body in that direction to make it easier for me.

a favorite literary animal (that can be a literary character or a whole piece about an animal):

Darn it, that’s three mentions in two weeks of How it was with Dooms! If this doesn’t get people reading that, nothing will. 😉

I also love Moggett the cat in Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy. While he does provide some amount of comic relief, he’s also kind of scary at times, so he isn’t your stereotypical YA fiction animal.


Anyway, Jeffrey’s coming back from yet another week of business travel this afternoon, and then it’s off to figure out how to eat almost-no-fat for a week (and apparently in the 24 hours before the ultrasound I have to eat entirely fat-free, joy) without going crazy. This turns out to be a great time to have a review copy of Tosca Reno’s The Eat-Clean Diet.


I’m almost as stubborn as my cat

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5 comments on “The Animal Meme
  1. Aaron says:

    Is the Dooms story similar to the old movie about the lion named Elsa? I think it was called Born Free. It also was about the domestication of a wild cat. It was an interesting movie in that they tried to teach her to be wild after growing up in their home.

    I’ve known people who have had pet raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels, deer, and all sorts of interesting animals which are probably better left wild.

    The deer was only taken in because it was albino, which means it probably wouldn’t have survived in the wild. This was a rural area, with wolves and coyotes.

    My mom’s family had the pet squirrel when she was young, and it used to bury nuts in their shag carpet (which meant a lot of painful discoveries with your feet). Her family also had a raccoon for a while, though I can’t recall any of her stories about that one. Another raccoon used to show up at night to eat with my cousin’s outside cats from their bowl.

    The flying squirrel was a pet of my sister’s roommate in college. It would find high places to hide, like the window drapes or the fridge, then would jump and glide toward your head or shoulders. It scared the crap out of a lot of people, lol.

    I’ve got no space for a pet right now, but I’ve considered getting a ferret. Mischeivous pets (like the Siberian husky my brother used to have) are often the most fun.

    Ok, one more funny animal story: My family had lots of animals over the years. At one time, we had a parakeet and a rabbit. Once, the parakeet landed on the rabbit’s back. That scared the rabbit into hopping all over the place… but the parakeet rode him the whole way!

  2. Aaron says:

    Bah! I wish we could edit after-the-fact. Just one little typo and 5 paragraphs are a link!

  3. heather says:

    all fixed! I’ll come back and reply later when I have more time. 😀

  4. Ted says:

    Glad you enjoyed the meme – I’ve enjoyed reading your responses, your cats sound like characters.

  5. heather says:

    Aaron: I haven’t seen the Elsa movie. In this case it’s more a photojournal of the cub’s growth and life with the family, which is not only touching but absolutely hilarious. Some of the photos have to be seen to be believed. The deer pic you linked is absolutely precious, and the squirrel (both of them!) sounds like quite an experience! Mischievous pets are indeed awesome. That’s part of what I love about our cats—they’re such goofs and trouble-makers!

    Go parakeet!

    Ted: Thanks for posting the meme; it was fun. And yeah, they are characters. They really make life far more entertaining than it would be otherwise. We have so many funny cat stories that we could bore all but the most die-hard cat lovers. 😉

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