Waking Up: Pre-Readathon

Well, this is it. At 9 am my time Dewey’s 24-hour readathon begins. That’s in a half hour as I type this. I’ll try to participate for about half of that time, since I need a good night’s sleep before tomorrow.

As it happens, this is a great day for this as far as I’m concerned. My husband’s spending the day buried in his own marathon of campaign-building for a new roleplaying game that starts tomorrow. We did the grocery shopping last night and made cookies last night to take to the game (chocolate chip oatmeal!). Later I’ll take a break to finish up some bread baking (to take to the game, too).

I have my coffee in-hand (very important prerequisite). I don’t have a set agenda for what I’ll read, but here’s what I’m thinking so far. Obviously all of my reads will come from this list, since those are the books I’m a little behind on right now. I may focus on some of the shorter books in an effort to feel a sense of accomplishment by shortening that list, but I will probably also alternate that with reading sections of The Gift of Rain, which is a beautiful book but a bit of a slow read for me. Clearly I won’t be cruising through the cookbooks since that requires more cooking than reading!

Just yesterday and the day before I happened to get beta keys to two really nifty games, so I admit I’m having a little difficulty resisting the urge to play those at all today. (Speaking of which, I just had to run off and reset my skill training in Eve Online to take me through the next two days.) But I’m going to have so much fun reading I expect that won’t last long.

First on the agenda: Light of India, by Warren Dotz, described as “a conflagration of Indian matchbox art.” You could call that cheating since it’s more art than words, but I call that getting a gentle start to the day. 😉 Now to go check my Warcraft auctions as a way to keep myself busy until the start time in 15 minutes…


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4 comments on “Waking Up: Pre-Readathon
  1. annie says:

    Good luck & happy reading!!

  2. heather says:

    annie: Thank you! The book on Indian matchbox art is turning out to be quite fascinating.

  3. Good luck, Heather! I am not brave enough to participate, but I’ll be your unofficial cheerleader. 🙂 I think Light of India is a great place to start. 🙂

    What roleplaying game is your husband playing?

  4. heather says:

    Feline: Whoo! Thanks. 🙂 We play d&d regularly with some friends, and we’ve all decided to start up a second campaign and alternate them, so everyone gets a chance to play. The campaign that’s already going is d&d 1st ed, and the new one will be d&d 3.5.

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