Is it Thursday?

*blinks sleepily and glances at the watch*

Yes, yes it is.

Here are some links to the latest book reviews:

I now have the ability to easily add new links to the main page of the site, so it’s being updated quickly now. I’m in the middle of reading Bill James’s Wolves of Memory and hope to have a review up for that Monday at latest.


An early-morning conversation:

Me: I’ve noticed a pattern. I’m most prone to insomnia after sugary, fatty desserts.
My husband: Another good reason to eat well and take care of ourselves.
Me: Oh, speaking of, I ran some EVE missions last night and sent you another 3 million ISK for implants.
My husband: I’ll pick up some cupcakes on the way home from work.

Actual conversation. 😀


I deployed three new designs to the cafepress stores last night. One went to Caffeinated Chicanery, the writing-reading-cooking-humor-etc. store:

They told me I couldn’t
wear that on a T-shirt

Okay, so we might be over-fond of wordplay and irony-based humor, but I think lots of other people appreciate it too. 😉

The other two went to Gamers’ Heaven, our gamers & geeks store:

Level 70 Dad

It’s the companion piece to our Level 70 Mom design; I noticed sales of the latter were going up noticeably as the Christmas season approaches, figured folks were buying them as gifts, and thought it would be nice to have a matching design for dads too. So I set our business partner to the task of brainstorming image designs, and then I put them together. Fun process. 🙂

The other is called ‘Boss Faction,’ and it’s for all you working Warcraft or other mmorpg players:

I’m not kissing ass
I’m just grinding boss faction

Don’t forget if you sign up for the monthly store newsletters (left-hand navigation column, at the bottom) you’ll get access to a subscribers’-only sale each month. Also you won’t have to worry about missing our special announcement later this season!


That’s it for now, I think, although I’m sleepy enough that I’m not sure.

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3 comments on “Is it Thursday?
  1. ScottM says:

    I like how quickly he pivoted… 3 million ISK does provoke interest. Sounds like you’re still enjoying EVE… I hope too many sugar filled nights don’t wipe you out. Not that I’m saying he’d actually bring home cupcakes…

  2. heather says:

    Scott: He’s quick that way. 😀

    It’s amazing how fast you can make cash if you do missions and salvage the wrecks. Good stuff. I don’t play EVE all the time, but I definitely enjoy it when I do. It helps that we found a fun corp we like.

    I’m not having that much sugar or fat any more; last night it was mostly because we were finishing off the chocolate bread pudding from testing the Ghirardelli cookbook, and you know how it goes when there isn’t enough for two nights of desserts, but there’s really too much for one… *grin* So instead of having the smaller servings I’d been indulging in before then, I had a big one.

    *grin* A lesser man might bring home cupcakes. But anyway, I did tell him next that if we were going to go that route, I’d rather make more out of the Ghirardelli cookbook instead. 😉

  3. heather says:

    Oh, and he does an awesome deadpan, so he sounded completely serious about picking up cupcakes. 🙂

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