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Today’s Booking Through Thursday:

Today’s question comes from Conspiracy-Girl:
I’m still relatively new to this meme so I’m not sure if this has been asked yet, but I’m curious how many of us write notes in our books. Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist?

I’ve been both over the years, but overall I’d say I’m a preservationist. I’ve had my spates of underlining or highlighting non-fiction books, usually a habit brought on by taking classes, but I’ve always returned to my habits of leaving books relatively untouched, with at most a dog-ear or two that I smooth out after I’m done writing my review. That way, after all, if I decide I don’t want to keep the book, I can donate it to the library when I’m done. Cookbooks, however, I absolutely write in. I put a rating on recipes as to how good the results were, and I note any changes to the recipe.


Yesterday’s book review was the delicious Hot Drinks by Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss. I’m making progress in The Gift of Rain; it’s somewhat slow, but has definitely caught my interest, so even my limited attention span can hang on for the ride! Last night we made cranberry-walnut scones as our first recipe from The Pastry Queen Christmas, and they were awesome.

We have some a designs up at the shops, one that we’d originally intended to be infant wear, until a clever teenager pointed out that it would work for just about anyone:

Someday I’ll use words
to express my extreme
dissatisfaction with the
current situation.
Meanwhile allow me
to scream.

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12 comments on “Preservatives (BTT)
  1. gautami says:

    I don’t mess with my paperbacks. They have to stay pristine.

  2. GeraniumCat says:

    I hadn’t thought of cookbooks. I have made notes in them in the post, though with some of the beautiful glossy ones that I have now I might just insert a sheet at the right page. I don’t cook so much that I’d lose the insert.

  3. Alice Teh says:

    I leave my thoughts everywhere. Want to know what I think deep down? Look into my books and you’ll see them…

    Happy BTT!

  4. Marianne says:

    LOL on the baby onesie… I LOVE IT!

    I write in my non-fiction or textbooks, always have and most likely always will … notes to help me remember pertinent information. But fiction?? NO. Never.

    Happy BTT!

  5. I can definitely understand commenting in a cookbook. It makes perfect sense, really. I’m more of a preservationist in the way you are when it comes down to it. I do sometimes make a small mark in pencil, but other than that, my books are left as is.

  6. Aaron says:

    Some of us have memories like rusted buckets. I rarely give a book away, because I know I’ll be able to read it again in a year as if it was brand new. Call it “frugal memory syndrome”. =)

    Unfortunately, I have a better memory with movies. But I can still enjoy rewatching a DVD for the n’th time, despite everything being familiar.

  7. heather says:

    gautami: I know that’s a big deal with so many people, but well, I guess I eventually decided that I had better things to get wound up about. There’s enough stuff to stress over without worrying about whether I get a smudge of something on a book page or bend a page accidentally.

    GeraniumCat: Heh, inserting sheets just wouldn’t work with the number of cookbooks we have and how often we use them.

    Alice: I like that way of looking at it!

    Marianne: Hehe… glad you like. That design was the brainchild of a friend/business partner; he’s good at that sort of thing. It was his son who suggested that it deserved to be made into more than just infant wear. *grin*

    Literary Feline: Yeah. When it comes down to it, I like to keep my books in good condition because I care about them, but I’m not willing to send myself into a tizzy and stress about it when I have much better things to stress over.

    Aaron: My memory is much the same, but there are just so many good books out there that I want to read that I almost never re-read books. When I do re-read books it’s one hell of an endorsement, though! (In fact the only ones I can think of at the moment are Anne Bishop’s ‘Black Jewels’ trilogy, although I’m sure there are a few more.)

  8. ScottM says:

    I’m a preservationist. I rarely marked up even test reference books when studying. I’m a big fan of transferring notes and recipes to 3×5 cards and working from those. Though this last year when I was studying for a licensing exam, I copied over the errata to the book itself and highlighted a few key equations.

  9. Cookbooks! Now that’s different. Sometimes I tweek a recipe and would go nuts if I couldn’t remember what I did the last time. A little reminder by the recipe is a good thing.

  10. Diane says:

    I didn’t think about cookbooks! Ok, I am now guilty…. I write in my cookbooks! Diane

  11. Melody says:

    Ah…I can understand about cookbooks though. I can deal with writing on school textbooks since I have to take notes, but a big no-no to me when it comes to novels though.

  12. i love to write in my books – all kinds of books, but probably mostly cookbooks!

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