Soups and Games

Today’s review is of Mollie Katzen’s Recipes: Soups. It’s good, but it didn’t bowl me over. Which is too bad, because it’s exactly the kind of food I could use right now.

Since most of our old WoW guild has kind of died away until nearly all that’s left in terms of active players are a bunch of us who all know each other in real life, Jervis decided it was time to just go form our own guild, so we could have a guild vault and all that fun stuff. I don’t know who suggested it, but somehow we ended up with a guild name of “Innocent Bystander.” I find it incredibly funny to have that under my character names!

Since I’ve been so low-energy this week I’ve been playing around in the Pirates of the Burning Sea open beta. I love that game, and look forward to perhaps writing something of a review of it. I adore playing around with the economy. Wealth is your friend. 😉 Of course, going out and pirating merchant ships is an awful lot of fun too…

Oh, and I almost forgot. Apropos of nothing, you’ll need a whole box of tissues for this story.

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2 comments on “Soups and Games
  1. WoW forum says:

    Hehe. Thanks for that article. Are you wearing that Tshirt yourself? Unfortunately there are no females in my class that play WoW…. Me wearing it although I have my nelf would be pretty strange eh.

  2. heather says:

    No, not really my personal style. But our business partner who came up with it, Jervis, did claim to see a very large man wearing one of these once!

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