The Cheese Sambouseks came out deLIGHTfully delicious. Now we’re making a quadruple batch of corn muffins (with whole kernels and chipotle cheddar), which actually only works out to 24 muffins since this recipe makes small batches.

We’re also baking batches of plain, crusty dinner rolls from the master recipe in the artisan bread cookbook, and they’re coming out beautifully. The whole wheat oatmeal bread has almost finished rising. We still have to decide whether we’re making saffron rolls, and of course we have to make the Kachauri. We ended up appropriating a printer box to put all the baked goods in because nothing else was large enough.

I wonder if our friends realized what they were in for when they asked us to bake bread. I picture Jervis finding out that his wife asked us to do so, looking at her with wide eyes, and saying, “Are you insane?”

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2 comments on “Corniness
  1. Jervis says:

    AMAZING! I can’t believe you baked EIGHT different kinds of bread…and there was enough to feed fifty people…YUM. Perhaps you should become a baker. 🙂

  2. heather says:

    Hehe, it was fun. Thanks for asking us to make bread!

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