It has begun!

As previously mentioned, my husband and I are baking bread for 25 people for a friend’s Twelfth Night feast. Last night we made doughs from the ‘Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day’ book for a plain artisan loaf and a Limpa bread (minus the anise seeds since we couldn’t find any at the store and didn’t have time to order them). Last night we also baked Kahk—a traditional Iraqi recipe for round, crispy breads—from the ‘Baker’s Odyssey’ book.

We’re currently baking rounds of Limpa in roll form; we of course had to ‘quality-test’ the batch, and they’re awesome! Next we’ll bake rounds of plain rolls. We also started a sponge going for whole wheat-oatmeal bread, also from the Baker’s Odyssey book. We still have some cornbread mix from the Make-a-Mix cookbook that we plan to turn into muffins with the addition of some cheddar, whole corn kernels, and cayenne.

Now, back to baking with me!

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  1. Sadara Zulpo says:

    I recently bought my first bread maker – now researching to get the most out of it. Been doing a lot of bookmarking 🙂

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