Vacation’s over…

Book reviews to come soon. 🙂

So how was everyone else’s vacation? What did you do? Where did you go?

My husband had the week and a half off from work, so it was quite nice. We did visit some friends in Virginia at the beginning, but after that we stayed home. We cooked a lot, went out to dinner a couple of times, played video games together, watched the first-season Heroes DVDs Jeffrey got me for my birthday (not quite done yet!), and fun things like that.

The only sour note was Amazon. We ordered a sewing machine from them (we had some gift cards to use) and ordered it via overnight so it would arrive two days ago (Monday). This was important to us because there are some things we want to sew for Saturday, when we go to a Twelfth Night feast at the home of some friends. Unfortunately, Amazon shipped it by ground shipping instead of overnight. Luckily it’ll arrive today because it shipped from only one state away, but the sewing will be a tad rushed—particularly since we’re making bread for 25 people for the same event. At least after I wrote to Amazon they did agree to do a partial refund of the shipping costs.

We happened to be asked to make bread just after I received a review copy of a cookbook of traditional breads from around the world, so I’m very much looking forward to taking advantage of that coincidence to test out the recipes!

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4 comments on “Vacation’s over…
  1. Amazon was a life saver for me. I’ve ordered almost 100% of my gifts off there to avoid having to carry bags and bags of presents down to the family over the holiday. At least they’re giving you a partial refund.

  2. heather says:

    Aye, in general I love them. The ability to get one gift card and use it for anything from books to bookshelves is awesome, and I love using it to get gifts to folk, like you said. I was just pretty peeved with this screwup both because of the timing issue, and because overnight shipping on a sewing machine is fairly expensive, so I wasn’t pleased that they’d sent it ground instead.

  3. I am glad you were at least able to get a partial refund for their mistake. That must have been frustrating, waiting and wondering if you would get it on time.

  4. heather says:

    LF: Yeah, hopefully we’ll be able to get the sewing done on time. And it was on top of some other frustrating things, and I hate paying for one thing and being given something blatantly less than what I paid for. But they did take care of the refund quickly, so I’m happy to still order from them again. Which is good, because they’re too darn useful!

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