You know you have great friends when…

Yesterday was a D&D day. We visited friends in Virginia, brought rice pudding, ate yummy spaghetti (I think when you have kids with narrow tastes and you make lots of spaghetti, you must get awfully good at making great spaghetti), and played D&D all day.

You could tell a lot of folks had had a rough, long, or stressful week. People were unusually cranky. But rather than taking that out on their friends as I’ve seen so many people do, they let it out through their characters. Our characters yelled, pulled weapons on each other, and yes, I think we had to roll initiative several times when there was no one but the party members in the room. The group even got kicked out of a part member’s aunt’s home for a couple of days.

And then we adjourned for dinner and chatted happily around the dinner table. Or adjourned for the night and had hugs and “when are we getting together next?!” all around.

That’s when you know you have great friends—when you all can let your stresses out together through your hobbies and activities, and at the end of the night you all still love each other just as much as when you arrived in the morning.

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