The Non-Fiction Meme

I got tagged for this one by Book Nut (aka Melissa) as well as Dolce Bellezza. So, what the heck.

a) What issues/topic interests you most in non-fiction? Cookbooks and writers’/creativity books are my favorite non-fiction books. However, I’ll pick up a non-fiction book on any topic I want to learn more about and then some, and I never know what that’ll be. I’ve reviewed books on subjects as diverse as poop, truffles (the mushrooms, not the chocolates), and composting. (Okay, the weird part is that in retrospect, those books aren’t so unrelated as they first appeared.)

b) Would you like to review books concerning those? I already do, quite frequently.

c) Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? I post my reviews on my own site rather than submitting them to magazines because I don’t want to be bound by artificial limitations on word counts or the need to be nice in order to make a magazine’s advertisers happy. I’d rather be able to write exactly whatever I think is useful or necessary in order to appropriately review a book. That said, I’m happy to use things like Amazon affiliate links and AdSense ads to make at least a little money at it. After all, I put a fair amount of time and thought into my reviews—they’re more than a hobby.

d) Would you recommend those to your friends and how? I often recommend books that I enjoy. If I don’t plan to need a book again I’ll also sometimes pass it on to a friend whom I think could use it.

e) If you have already done something like this, link it to your post. Heh, you can find all my non-fiction and fiction reviews at Errant Dreams Reviews. There are hundreds of ’em—literally.

I’ve already linked back to Melissa and Dolce Bellezza above, and rather than tagging people this time around, just consider yourself tagged if you think it would be fun to do this meme. By the way, speaking of non-fiction, here are links to my two latest reviews: Margaret Mason’s No One Cares What You Had for Lunch and Jackie Mills’s The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts.

Oh, and while you’re here, check out this hysterical printing rant I found at book/daddy. Beware the volume, and be aware that the language is NSFW.

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3 comments on “The Non-Fiction Meme
  1. There’s such a wide variety of nonfiction out there. Poop and truffles so close together made me laugh. Haha I don’t read nearly enough nonfiction, but I enjoy what I do read. I enjoyed reading your responses to this meme!

  2. Bellezza says:

    Crack me up about poop and composting! I especially think of you as an expert on food, however.

  3. heather says:

    Feline: I didn’t even think of the connection between those non-fiction books until I had them listed in the post, then I started laughing. 😀

    Bellezza: Thank you! It’s weird, because I never think of myself as an expert, but I guess I spend so much time cooking and reading about food and so on that at least I know something of what I’m talking about!

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