Who makes your day?

I got tagged for a you make my day meme in which you’re meant to note ten bloggers who make your day for one reason or another. I occasionally like to indulge in this sort of meme for a couple of reasons: it helps us to share our favorite blogging finds with others (perhaps bringing attention to nifty bloggers who really deserve it), and it can be interesting to stop and think about who in our daily travels influences us and how.

From your own point of view or that of a fictional character, discuss the ten people who influence you most, how, why, and what you think about this. Free-write the list as quickly as possible without stopping to think about it too much. Unlike the memeing bloggers, you don’t have to stick to other bloggers or web sites—you could venture into people close to you, role models near and far, and so on.

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2 comments on “Who makes your day?
  1. Gerrel Williams says:

    Are you the Gransdon of Dr. Jacobous Rinse? I have researched his formula since the 1980’s and I would like to ask you a few questions if possible.

    His Original article in the Prevention Paperback I once owned had a picture of him jogging up a hill. It told all about his formula and his life. Do you have that information> or what article I’m talking about? I would love to have it. It had the original formula which went into such things as alphala additives, and the pure choices of the nutirents,etc.

    If you have time, please answer, I would love to have more info on your Grandfather.

    Thank you,


  2. heather says:

    Hello—I’m Dr. Rinse’s granddaughter. Unfortunately I really don’t know anything much about his formula, and although I wish I did have a copy of that article, I don’t. I wish I could tell you more!

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