Childhood Memories

Today’s prompt is called ‘childhood memories’ and it’s from another Heather over at A Creative Journal:

[S]pend some time writing about a safe place you remember from your childhood. This could be someone’s house or at the top of a tree in your backyard. Once you’ve written that one up, also spend time writing about a scary place you recall from your childhood. This could be a particular house you didn’t like to pass on your way to school or a room in your own house.

I particularly appreciate Other Heather’s reminder to only tackle the scary place if you’re ready for it—smart words! You’ll find quite a few interesting prompts and links at her place, so go visit while you’re at it.

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2 comments on “Childhood Memories
  1. meghnak says:

    Hi Heather,
    A nice prompt, I’d say. I find this one interesting and so I am certainly going to try it out
    Thanks for posting this:D

  2. heather says:

    You’re welcome, and I hope you enjoy!

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