Many writers advocate judicious eavesdropping on others’ conversations as a means to gain inspiration. This morning I stumbled across a blog called Eavesdrop Writer that’s all about this particular form of inspiration. Today, visit that site and pick a conversation from those related on the front page. Use it as part of a longer scene, or use it to inspire one or more characters who might have uttered those bits of dialogue.

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2 comments on “Eavesdropping
  1. Vienne says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for linking to my blog here. I’m always thrilled to find fellow eavesdroppers or learn of other writers who have found inspiration from my eavesdropping. I hope your readers found my posts creatively stimulating, or at the very least, entertaining!

  2. heather says:

    You have a knack for jotting down and sharing really fascinating tidbits; it’s hard to imagine a writer who wouldn’t find something from your blog inspiring!

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