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It’s appointment day. This morning I went to see my GI doc. The last HIDA scan showed no gallbladder problems (which doesn’t fit with the symptoms, but that’s the weirdness of the human body for you), so in about a month I’m getting an upper endoscopy done. Wheee. I’ve always wanted someone to stick a camera down my throat. (Yes, that’s sarcasm there.)

There’s nothing like invasive tests and chronic mild pain to make you feel like you’re getting old. Mid-30s shouldn’t be old. (Ick, I’m whining! I’d better move on to another subject, quick!)

In different news, I’m finally looking at the possibility of getting a digital camera—I’d really love to liven up the cookbook reviews with some home-grown food photography so you can see what some of the yummy results look like. My tentative pick is a Canon PowerShot SD1000—it looks like it’s good quality, and capable of taking crisp, clear photos, even when food is involved. And it doesn’t cost a fortune (well, when we’re talking digital cameras). Speaking of which, yesterday’s review was of Betty Rosbottom’s Coffee cookbook. YUM!

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5 comments on “No Reviews Today
  1. a) Hi! Miss you guys! ;_;

    b) I hope things go well for you medically speaking. Fingers crossed. ^_^

    c) Canon is generally a good brand, and the Power Shot line is a good one. I have a Power Shot ELPH-something… ^^

  2. heather says:

    Pocky! Hey! We miss you too. How’s California and the job?? TY for the crossed fingers; I’d be happy if we could just be sure of what it was. The doc seemed pretty sure of gallbladder before, and now… feh. Who knows. I’m looking forward to the camera; we’ll probably get it in about a month. The 1000 looks like it’s at a nice sweet spot between good quality and good price, and it seems quite popular.

  3. Tara says:

    I know what you mean. I have joint problems and tendonitis in my hands and also some problems with my feet. Hello! I am also in my mid-30s and I’m thinking if I feel like this now, how am I going to feel in my 60s?? Sheesh.

  4. heather says:

    Urgh, sympathies on the joint problems! That must make it hard to do things like exercise, too, in the hopes of making other things better. I too have tendonitis… developed it in ’93, if I recall. That is not fun, is it?

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