The 2 am Cahlash

It’s 2 am. You’re sound asleep, ensconced on your back on a comfy bed beneath warm, fluffy blankets.

Without warning, an 11-pound cat leaps from the floor and, with unerring aim, lands dead-center on your stomach, paws stiffly outstretched as though trying to burst a balloon.

You bolt upright in bed, wide awake, startling both cats into racing from the room. You know that in the morning, every muscle in your back will ache.

Welcome to the 2 am psychokitty:


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2 comments on “The 2 am Cahlash
  1. ScottM says:

    While Newton often suffers the crazies, he’s far more likely to walk back and forth over the bladder to ensure you’ll get out of bed (and maybe give him some food…)

  2. heather says:

    I am incredibly thankful that this is only the second time Cahlash has ever done this.

    And I hope he doesn’t go for a third… 🙂

    Newton’s approach definitely sounds effective!

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