Cry Havoc!

Many of the friends we’ve made in the last couple of years are in the SCA: the Society for Creative Anachronism, and have been for decades (literally). They aren’t as active as they used to be, but they definitely still participate. We visit a friend’s house for fighter practice in Virginia nearly every weekend (at least, on those weekends that we don’t go to the same house for D&D).

Anyway, I’m still pretty new at the photography thing, but I did take a few photographs to share. The guy in the plain white tabard is my husband; he’s borrowing a shield at the moment, so that isn’t his device. The knight in green and gold is Jervis, who comes up with so many of the slogans on those T-shirts we love to make. The fellow in red-and-tan (not in armor) is Cian (his SCA name), another friend. And I couldn’t resist including a photo of the pouring rain we encountered on the ride down—it was so bad we kept passing car wreck after car wreck. Here’s hoping all those folks got out alive.

Anyway, here’s a slide show of those photos:



I also included a slide show in today’s book review, the first of our cookbook reviews with images of some of the foods we made: Erik Sherman’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pizza & Panini. Also, last week I reviewed Julie Leto’s Phantom Pleasures.

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