Modern Dentistry

Since I’m about to head off to the dentist’s in an hour or so (for my first filling in 20 or so years), I have dentistry on the brain. What’s the state of dentistry and other medicine in your fictional world? Does magic substitute? Do you use hand-wavy herbalism excuses to allow your low-tech society to appear clean and attractive in the hygiene department? Do you prefer the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach, where folks have decent teeth and you never think to explain it? Or do you like to indulge the gritty aspects of your world, where people can have rotted teeth or a terrible disease?

Any of these are perfectly legitimate ways to approach your world’s ills, but you should know which you’re using and be consistent about it. Today, free-write for a page about the state of your world’s medical system, and the impact of this on your visible characters.

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