Re-Imagining, Part I

Many things have changed since we first started selling shirts & stuff through cafepress at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery. I have a better sense of what will translate well from my screen to a T-shirt, mug, or poster. Cafepress now allows us to use the same transparent-background image on dark and light items since they have better printing processes. I have a copy of Photoshop. I have some actual—*gasp*—experience!

Now that all of these things have happened, I noted that our earliest designs were kind of… embarrassing, frankly, next to the recent ones. So, bit by bit, I’m going back through and re-working them. I’m also cleaning house on the designs that never did well. Here I will present you with some of the new/old designs that I’ve done so far; I’m starting off with the gaming shop. First, “I’m not lazy I’m just out of mana,” also known as our first runaway bestseller, which won second place in a Cafepress holiday contest based on sales:

Next, “This is my alt”—for folks who’d like to let everyone know that their real character is elsewhere!

“Welcome to my ignore list,” for everyone who wishes there was a real-world ignore list:

“I’m not late I’m just lagging”—blame your computer for your constant tardiness!

“I’m not shopping I’m just grinding faction with my wife”—for guys who only shop to make their wives happy.

“I’d move faster but my latency is high”—another computer-based excuse for slow folks.

Plenty more to come soon!


Today’s book review is of Elinor Klivans’s The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook.

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