The Onslaught Begins!

Oh come on, you just knew it couldn’t last. I have a camera. I have cats. Of course this would eventually mean cat photos. If you’re insane enough to want to view lots of ’em (well okay, I’ve been trying to exercise some minor bit of restraint) you’ll find more at my flickr album, errant cats. Yes, I use my flickr account strictly for my cat photos. I realize that’s silly and I don’t care.

I’ll at least try to stick to only one or two photos posted directly here, so if you don’t care about a ton of cat photos you won’t have to run screaming. Deal? Good.

Now I just have to upload my latest homemade pizza photos to my photobucket account before I finish with that book and review it…

Oh, speaking of cat photos, go look at this post at B&b ex libris for a hysterically unusual tale of cat love and an adorable cat photo.

And now, Cahlash and Selene:


Sunshine Selene 4

Sometimes I latch the screen door and leave the door open; they love to roll around in the sun in the doorway. They’re remarkably kitten-like given that they’re nearly 7 years old!

Since I had to order a case for my camera anyway, I ordered Elizabeth Vaughan’s ‘Warlord’ trilogy, using the excuse that it would bring me over the limit for free shipping. (It just leapt into my cart, I swear!) It got shipped in two parts, and although the first package that arrived listed the first two books of the series on the invoice, instead I received one of the books and… a classical music CD I’ve never even heard of before. That was odd. Luckily Amazon has a very easy return process, although they had no option to select for ‘you sent me the wrong item’.

Anyway, speaking of fiction, today’s review is of Lynn Viehl’s upcoming Twilight Fall. Enjoy!

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4 comments on “The Onslaught Begins!
  1. bethany says:

    I love your kitties! THey are adorable, Siamese right?? We have a Siamese mix, and she is a crack-up, a ton of personality! Well, maybe more a ton of mischief…she is always looking to get into trouble. I love your kitties, well…I tend to love all kitties, but yours are beautiful! I am guessing you are a Siamese enthusiast…what do you find different with siamese cats? Just interested, we aren’t looking for a cat right now…we have three. My husband is not a HUGE animal fan, he puts up with them though.

    Ah, thanks for the plug…I thought that story about our cat was so funny, I just couldn’t resist sharing it.

    Have a great day!

  2. heather says:

    Hehe! Cornish Rex, actually. Although not that long ago they bred some Siamese into the line, I gather, so you’re sort of right. Cahlash (the seal-point) certainly has a Siamese-like voice, but his fur is curly, which is kind of the hallmark of the Cornish Rex. Luckily my husband is just as fond of the cats as I am. Or at least awfully darn close. 😀

    I can’t believe your cat brings you flowers. That’s so incredibly unusual and interesting! Cats really each have their own personality. Even though our two share some breed-traits (like their playfulness and tendency to enjoy having people around), they both have very unique personalities, despite being litter-mates!

  3. So adorable! And what great poses! Haha

  4. Trish says:

    How funny! My cat is about the same age but she is LAZY!! I can usually find her curled up on my blanket on the couch. She never does cute little poses anymore. 🙁

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