I was hoping to review The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten-Free Eating today, but it looks like my tomato plants are about to be delivered and I’m not ready for them. Eeeek! So I think I’m going to get into gardening gear and go do some digging. I’d like to say it’ll be up tomorrow, and it very well might be, but tomorrow afternoon is my endoscopy so I’m not sure what all I’ll get done. I apologize in advance for the slow pace of reviews (and everything else) this week. Hopefully I’ll make up for it on Thursday and Friday!

Edited to add: *groan* Apparently the former owner of the house buried landscaping fabric all around the roses I’m trying to dig up. It’s under a couple inches of soil, and it’s thick enough to be a real impediment to digging things up without being thick enough to stop some tough things from growing up through it. I spent a while loosening up soil around the plants, but I’m going to have to appeal to that husband of mine to do some digging.

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