You know (x) when (y)…

You know you’ve been receiving too many review books when the FedEx guy thanks you for keeping him in a job.

You know you review too many books when a relative tells you they might be gluten sensitive and the first thing you say is, “I have a review copy of a book about that…”

You know too many of your review copies are of the ‘spicy’ variety when you have to start a separate book to take with you to the gym most nights. (It’s a family-friendly gym.)


Speaking of review books, here are two more reviews: Janelle Denison’s Wild for Him and, from Sensorotika, Erotika: Bedtime Stories.

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3 comments on “You know (x) when (y)…
  1. Trish says:

    Ha ha!! Most of my books don’t contain anything “spicy”, but I did blush a little when I had Snow Crash at the gym with me the other day and came upon the one sex scene while on the bike.

  2. heather says:

    Trish: I have to say, I’m glad we have a relaxed, nice FedEx guy who treats our packages well. And has a good sense of humor. 😉

  3. The package deliverers (UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex) usually come before I get home from work and so I don’t get to talk to them, but I imagine they are very familiar with my address right about now. LOL

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