Here’s the good thing about IKEA: while it’s true that a lot of their items are cheap in a pejorative sense, if you look around carefully you can get some great deals on some wonderful pieces of furniture. We found an awesome dining room set there, a couple of very nice dressers, and some bookcases we desperately need.

Here’s the problem: since there’s no way we could fit that stuff in our car, we ordered it over the internet and arranged to have it delivered. It arrived last night, and about half of it is going to have to go back.

Three bookcases were totally loose. As in, the shelves and hardware were stacked freely in the truck. The delivery folks even looked shocked when they saw that. One of the pieces of backing is cracked through; several shelves are splintered, crunched, or broken, even just at first glance; and we have no idea whether anything’s missing.

Several other boxes had been so thoroughly broken open that things got damaged or, once again, we have no way of knowing if anything’s missing—that’s a fourth bookcase and BOTH dressers. In fact, the only things we’re going to be able to hold onto are one full-sized bookcase, one narrow bookcase, and the dining room set. Truthfully a couple of those boxes were damaged, too, but the damage was little enough that we could see the items themselves weren’t damaged or missing anything.

Well, it’ll be an interesting test of IKEA’s customer service to see if we end up with what we ordered, and how difficult the process is.


In the interests of not simply griping on this rainy Friday morning, here are two review links and two cute cat pics. First, reviews of Crichton’s classic The Andromeda Strain and Pamela Clare’s new and fantastic Unlawful Contact. Finally, cuddly cat photos. Well okay, the first one isn’t so cuddly; if you tried, you’d probably get a few playful scratches:



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7 comments on “Grrrr….
  1. ScottM says:

    That sounds like horrible delivery problems– I hope you get them to resolve it all smoothly.

  2. Trish says:

    Eeks, I’ve thought about going to IKEA for a bookshelf, but maybe I’ll borrow a truck instead of getting it delivered. I love my compact car, and we recently traded hubby’s full-size truck for another compact car, but I miss having the bed space! Hope everything gets settled OK

  3. Tara says:

    I haven’t heard good things about their delivery service. Better off to rent/borrow a truck.

  4. heather says:

    ScottM: On the plus side, supposedly they’re going to call sometime this week to arrange pickup of the damaged stuff and delivery of replacements. There was no squabbling or haggling—they just set about making it right. Assuming it actually happens that easily, I’ll be satisfied.

    Trish: Yeah, I’m thinking next time we’ll rent a truck!

    Tara: Ah well. You live and learn!

  5. Aaron says:

    Your cats have the fur of sheep. Maybe you should shave them and make a hat.

  6. heather says:

    Aaron: lol, it isn’t long enough for that. very, very short fur.

  7. I usually borrow my uncle’s truck if I’m going to buy furniture. You can’t always trust the delivery service.

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