IKEA and a giveaway link

Here’s a giveaway for you: drop by Kylee’s Book Blog to enter to win a copy of Dancing Above the Waves.

My review today is of Lucy Finn’s upcoming If Wishing Made It So. I swear I didn’t know before I wrote my review that Lucy Finn also writes under the name Savannah Russe… which means she wrote another book I wasn’t entirely fond of. She has some great ideas, but the details in her books tend not to add up for me.

By the way, IKEA did come through for us and replace the boxes that got shipped in such awful condition. It took a couple of weeks, but everything’s taken care of. The delay seems to have been that it just takes their trucking company a little while to schedule things in.

And, in case you were wondering, Cahlash only had to have four teeth extracted this time around. Now if we could just get Selene to stop harassing him.

You can expect some more cooking-related reviews soon!

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3 comments on “IKEA and a giveaway link
  1. ScottM says:

    I’m glad IKEA made things right. Swift healing to Cahlash.

  2. Cian says:

    It is good to hear that Ikea came through. I meant to ask, but the Uruk kept interrupting. 😀 We will probably need to enhance our Ikea collection once the rest of our boxes come in.

  3. heather says:

    Scott: Thanks! We had to discontinue his pain meds a bit early as he started reacting to them, but it wasn’t as bad as Selene’s reaction, so no trip to the emergency vet. And he didn’t seem to notice the lack of meds, so I think he’s doing fine.

    Cian: lol, yeah, those pesky Uruk really kept things hopping! I’ll have to post a photo of our new dining room table & chairs later today… it’s gorgeous. I hope things get settled at your new place soon!

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