The Furniture, Revisited

First, in non-furniture news, I have a non-review of Patricia Rice’s Mystic Rider. I almost never do this, but I just couldn’t get myself to read the whole thing. While that means I can’t review the book as such, I think it’s reasonable to explain why I didn’t read the book.


Wheee! As I mentioned earlier, IKEA did make things right by us. They replaced everything that was damaged without argument. The only minor annoyance was the couple of weeks it took to get everything taken care of. Here’s an idea of how things were damaged; this is a corner of a bookcase shelf:

Ikea Damage

Here’s the very cool dining room table and chairs that my awesome husband assembled this weekend:


It should link to a larger version of the photo. My husband was very pleased with the ease of construction. We’ve assembled quite a few items from other companies before, and it was a very different experience. The instructions that came with these things didn’t even have words; you don’t even need to be literate to assemble them. Parts tend to be set up so you can’t accidentally get them reversed or backwards or put into the wrong place—or at least it’s very tough to do so. Parts also fit together well; for instance, we’ve found that the cam bolts used in many bookcases tend to be difficult to screw in straight. The ones in this table-and-chairs set went together easily.


I’m a bit behind on putting together new T-shirt designs, but I did manage to get this one up. It’s for our new section of designs for gardeners, flower-lovers, and outdoorsy types, and I call it simply ‘Green & White’. The image below is from the rectangle magnet, but of course it’s also available on shirts, mugs, stickers, etc:

The image was made from a photo I took of some flowers out front.

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